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Bibielle XC Surface Conditioning

An extraordinary evolution in the panorama of three-dimensional abrasives: here comes the new Bibielle XC Surface Conditioning. The first material capable of combining the highest levels of finishing, flexibility and durability.
The best performance ever imagined in the world of modern abrasives.


The open structure, soft but resistant allows to use a medium/coarse grit without increasing temperature. Ideal for surface finishing applications, light deburring with a consistent finish adaptable to the workpiece.


• generate decorative satin, brushed and antique finishes
• blend scratches
• blend machine tool marks
• light deburring applications
• polish welds
• general purpose cleaning
• remove rust

• remove medium to heavy burrs
• remove parting lines from casting and forging
• deburr Stainless Steel pipe threads and punched holes
• smooth radius on stamped metal parts
• polish welds

• blend coated abrasives scratches
• apply satin finish/brush finish
• low density produces large “footprint”



Fast and heavy abrasive action, extremely long life, good rigidity. Ensure excellent flatness and uniformity.


  • Scrim Back

Specifically designed to work in disc form. Made with a particular rich structure to provide unmatched additional strength and durability.

  • Heavy Duty for Discs

This material is designed to be very aggressive and long lasting. Best choice in the field for heavy duty applications can save one or more steps in abrasive operation. Available in Coarse and Medium grit sizes.


Satin Finish wHEEL

Excellent combination of user friendliness and durability. The cloth used ensures a perfect balance of flexibility and strength. The abrasive tool is efficiently driven by means of a unique 4-split-pin system.



  • Finishing large flat, concave or convex surfaces; grinding the inner and outer surfaces of tanks and containers. Removing and cleaning weld beads

  • Light deburring and cleaning. Satin finishing small and large surfaces. Removing scale. Removing marks left by previous operations and re-finishing after bending, welding or satin coil moulding.

  • Satin finishing large surfaces, rapidly removing scale, oxidation, paints or other clogging materials such as salt, rust, grease, oil and protective waxes.



Small-sized abrasive cylinders internally reinforced with cotton cloth.



  • Finishing of moulded parts, internal surfaces of cylinders, pipes and drilled parts in general.

  • Work surfaces: Standard steel, stainless steel, nonferrous materials and alloys, plastic materials



Bibielle’s fiber discs are made of abrasive grain combined to a layer of vulcanized fiber with a circular or cross centre hole. The fiber discs guarantee high aggressiveness, maximum stiffness and mechanical strength



  • These discs are recommended for deburring, removal of welding seams, rust and mill scale


Unitized Wheels

BUW material is made of layers of abrasive Non Woven material impregnated with resin and compressed, designed to offer the best finishing joined to high tear resistance and long lifetime, converted in wheels with hole or Type R.




  • Soft density Unitized Wheels 2S Fine, 3S Fine
    • polish mechanical parts (jet blades, threads, welds, casted parts) smoothing edges
    • cleaning rust, discoloration, coatings
    • blending marks or scratches

  • Medium density Unitized Wheels 2A Med
    • light deburring or reduction edges
    • blending marks or scratches
    • cleaning scales or oxidation

  • Hard Density Unitized Wheels 6S Fine, 6A Med, 8A Crs
    • heavy deburring
    • reducing sharp edges
    • blending heavy marks or scratches
    • cleaning scale or oxidation



Bibielle Strip-it products are ideal for clearing welds, removing corrosion, rust, scale, paints, without an excessive stock removal thus leaving a clean manageable surface to work on. The open structure of our strip-it products avoids clogging and makes them ideal for numerous applications.


  • Rapidly removing scale and oxidation, satin finishing small and large surfaces, removing paints or other clogging materials such as salt, rust, grease, oil and protective waxes.

  • Work surfaces:
    Stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nonferrous materials and alloys, fibre glass, plastic or plastic reinforced by fibre glass, stone or wood.


Flap wheels

The abrasive flaps are radially arranged from the tool axis. RG shaft-mounted flap wheels are coupled to the electrical or pneumatic tool spindle by means of a cylindrical or threaded shaft inserted through the central hub.



  • Production and maintenance of machinery for the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and food industry. • Automotive industry, in particular for deburring and cleaning moulded parts (for instance alloy wheels). • Metalworking. • Steel and stainless steel furniture. • Moulding • Production of tools and moulded parts


Abrasive belts

BIBIELLE abrasive belts have butt joints using, up to 350-mm wide, splicing tapes. Overlapped joints are used for larger widths. The special butt joint minimizes the effect of vibration caused by the joint travel across the work surface whilst ensuring maximum evenness of the finish. The overlapped joint is more convenient and suitable for bigger-sized belts.



  • grinding and cleaning, removing paint, masking small surfaces, pipes and the inside surfaces of holes, deburring, removing small and large protruding welded surfaces, welding spots and scale.

  • Work surfaces: standard and alloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminium, nonferrous metals, cast iron, alloys, wood.

cutting disc & grinding disc.png

Flap Discs

Bibielle’s cutting and grinding discs are suitable for applications on different types of material and for use on various machine tools. These discs offer high performances in terms of durability and speed of use combined with high aggressiveness and strength of the product itself



  • Cutting sheet metals, pipes, box beams, sections and solid metal structures.



This  material can be converted into custom-made sizes at customer’s request.


  • Low stretch 

Specifically designed to work in a belt form and

to prevent elongation during the work.
The special design ensures exceptional durability.

  • X-Flex
    This material is unique in the market.
    Its particular structure makes it very flexible and
    prevents delamination.
    Ideal to work in narrow belts form and it’s easy
    to fit on very compact machinery.

  • Heavy Duty for Belts
    Low stretch construction combined with
    high aggressiveness and extreme heavy duty


Non Woven

Bibielle’s non-woven material is composed of abrasive grains fused to a three-dimensional support of nylon filaments. The uniform distribution of the abrasive combined with the softness of the material ensures: • constant finishing throughout the working process; • high ventilation to avoid overheating of the worked surface; • high flexibility and adaptability of the product to the working surface; • easy to use; • low noise level; • resistance to clogging.



  • Work surfaces: stainless steel, aluminium, ferrous metals and their alloys, cast iron, titanium, plastic, varnish and plaster.

quick change disc.png

Quick-change Discs

Quick-change discs are ideal products for frontal applications on small areas and spaces. A mechanical securing system allows discs to be firmly held and prevents them from moving during operation while ensuring extremely quick change. Perfect adherence and top-quality abrasive ensure long life.



  • Mould and model making, manufacture and repair of cars, aeronautical and aerospace industry, manufacture of small-sized tanks and equipment.

  • Work surfaces:

Standard steel, stainless steel, alloyed steel, cast iron, aluminium, nonferrous materials.

flap disc.png

Flap Discs

Bibielle’s flap discs are available in a wide range of options depending on the support, the type of abrasive and the structure. The flap discs guarantee, during the whole process, a continuous exposure of new abrasive grain and high, uniform cutting performances.



  • These discs are recommended for deburring, smoothing, removal of welding seams, mill scale and rust. Thanks to their extraordinary versatility, Bibielle’s flap discs can be used in a large number of industries such as metalworking, shipbuilding, machinery and equipment for chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Mounted points

Pink aluminium oxide mounted points vitrified with a ceramic binder. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes.High removal capacity and long life of the product. Excellent quality of the finished surface.



  • Fine sanding and deburring of uneven surfaces, internal surfaces of pipes, cylinders or other shaped pieces. Work surfaces: Standard steel, unalloyed steel, structural steel, stainless steel.

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