26" x 36" (660 mm W x 914 mm L) Metal Capture Downdraft Station  64354


  • Metal Finishing Station offers a wet filtration system to capture potentially combustible filings and dust in an air/water mixing zone. Also offers convenient disposal of slurry. Greatly decreases potential flammability of work area, when removing material from volatile substances.
  • 36″ (914 mm) Wide x 26″ (660 mm) Deep work surface. Unique tabletop design not offered by other manufacturers. Can be placed on cart for transportability to every work station. Accepts 10″ (254) Dual Wheel Grinder/Buffer.
  • Water level view port allows operator to set initial water level and monitor level for adjustment. Water reservoir and float valve automatically compensate for water evaporation during use.
  • Internal compartments are accessed with no tools required. Includes electric light for enhanced visibility.
  • Transparent debris shield available. Stainless steel construction. No paper filters to replace. Grated work surface. Powder coat finish. GFI protection.

26" x 36" Metal Capture Downdraft Station,64354

SKU: 64354
  • 460 V (AC), 3 Phase, 60 Hz

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