Air Tool Post Grinder  66402


For use on metal, glass, stone, rubber, ceramic, carbide composites and other hard to grind materials. Mounts to standard lathes. Simple tool holder mounting. Holds close tolerances.
Reduce surface finish on materials prior to a superfinishing process.In-line belt tracking prevents uneven belt stretching, as found on conventional belt tracking arrangements.
Fingertip controls for both motor on/off and adjustable air-belt tensioning. Cutaway housing design allows working into workpiece shoulders from right to left.

Air Tool Post Grinder,66402

SKU: 66402
  • 1.86 hp, 7,200 RPM, Side Exhaust, 4,700 SFPM, for 1-1/2" W x 24" L (38 mm x 610 mm) Belts

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